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Alfred R. Austermann is psychologist (MA) and psychotherapist. Bettina Austermann is mental health professional (MA) and social education worker.

Trained in Bert Hellinger's work with family systems, they are practising psychotherapists in Germany and give seminars in Belgium, France and Hungary.

"In our work as psychotherapists we discovered the immense impact of the loss of a twin in the womb for the survivor of this intrauterine catastrophe. Bereaved twins often suffer even in adult life, even if totally unconscious and forgotten, from the fact of having lost the beloved twin.

We wrote our first book "Das Drama im Mutterleib - the drama in the womb" (English title: the surviving twin syndrome) to explain the importance of this topic. We wanted to share our findings.
Many publishing houses did not understand the importance of this prenatal trauma and rejected our manuscript. So we founded the Königsweg-Verlag publishing house ourselves. The book became a bestseller in the psychological field and has been published in seven languages so far. Many readers wrote feedback which inspired our second book "Ich habe meinen Zwilling verloren-Allein geborene erzählen" (I lost my twin – alone-born twin survivors tell their story). This book is now out in German, French and Dutch."
Alfred R. und Bettina Austermann

"I like the way you approach the subject in many short chapters, each with important and interesting information. You have my deep appreciation for your big contribution to this field of therapy".
David B. Chamberlain, Ph.D
Author or "The Mind of Your Newborn Baby"