Grief and depression

Many twins who were born alone suffer from deep longing, loneliness, sadness and lack of energy. Doctors often call these symptoms depression.

We have observed that this form of depression disappears once the feelings associated with the rediscovery of a vanished twin have been sufficiently explored and named.

Exerpt from the book "The Surviving Twin Syndrome":

My first winter without depression in 10 years

"In the past years I had been feeling lonely and without much energy during winter.

This has changed for the better ever since I reconnected with my twin brother. Last winter was much easier that the past 10 winters. Every summer I was already dreading the arrival of winter. That’s completely gone now.

I feel strong enough for a funeral ritual suggested by the Austermanns. I have made a clay figurine of my twin brother, which I will put into a little box. Surrounded by friends from the seminar I will then let it go on the river Spree in Berlin."

Anne, a 40-year-old client, gave us this feedback half a year after she had attended one of our healing seminars for twins born alone.

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